Hop Aboard!

There is no frigate like a book

To take us lands away…”

Oh, and who knew better than she? I’ve chanted those lines to a lot of students down through the years; both in Asia and Stateside. I chanted them to my own children, when they were still trying to sound out words; and now to my grandkids; and to anyone else I might happen to pass, if they are peering into a book instead of a phone. I can’t contain it; it just comes out: “There is no frigate like a book…”

More about Emily Dickinson later; let’s just say I’m on her page.

People often ask me: “what have you been reading lately?” And I love it when they do. I always love that subject. Sometimes, too, I’ll hear them say: “how goes the publishing?” Oh, now that’s another matter. From time to time, I’ll share some of that saga too. But let’s focus on the other question. It is so much more rewarding!

Hence, The Morning Frigate, that departs for “lands away”. Ready to hop on? Go to the menu above and click ‘Recent Posts’!


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