Old Volumes

The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson Ed. Thomas H. Johnson, Little, Brown and Co., New York, 1960

Of all the books that fill all the shelves, only one I believe, has to be hard-bound. I mean: must be–as by law. A paperback edition of The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson is an affront to…well…many people, really, but certainly its author. I have one of those and it’s an affront to me. The last time I took it down from the shelf, it spilled forth forty pages all over my study floor.

Those were good pages too.

I picked them up and tucked them back in with a shake of the head: Published in the ’60’s, what did you expect? Who did this thing? Oh! Et tu, Little, Brown. I am certain that, if she had been there with me, she would have been shaking her head as well:

“What possessed you to purchase such a thing?”

“A college budget. C’mon!”

No, for Emily Dickinson, let it be hard-bound. In fact, ‘vellum’ would be nice; with a certain fragrance of ‘must’; and pages gracefully yellowed. For…

“A precious–mouldering pleasure–’tis–

To meet an Antique Book–

In just the dress His Century wore–

A privilege–I think…

…His presence is enchantment–

You beg him not to go–

Old volumes shake their Vellum Heads

And tantalize us so.”


Published by Robert A Schorr

I serve as a pastor at Calvary Chapel Old Towne in Orange, CA. I am deeply committed to my Savior Jesus Christ. I'm a private pilot. I'm a writer. I love books and where they take me. People often ask me: "what are you reading' now?" They sometimes ask: "how goes the publishing?" Oh, I'll touch on that too, but let's go back to the first question. It's so much more rewarding! Welcome to The Morning Frigate that will "take us lands away"! Hop on!

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